• Where are we going? Buckle up, start your engine and hit the road! Nowadays, owning a car is a necessity in Iraq . Therefore, protect this prized possession and shield your loved ones from harm with the most innovative and reliable motor Insurance coverage plan for private cars. Know that your claim will be settled within a respectful deadline, and it is our pleasure to contact you and inform you that your reimbursement is ready for collection. You can even ask our competitors about it; it frustrates them.
  • We have a variety selection of coverage to meet your needs.
    Main Coverage 1 : All Risks
  • Main Coverage 2: Third Party Material Damage up to 10000000 iraqi dinar
  • Main Coverage 3: Bodily Injury up to 10000000 iraqi dinar
  • Easy and simple underwriting requirements
  • Facility and flexibility of payment mode (depending on your financial capabilities)
  • Free consultancy from our Sales Representatives
  • Flexibility of choosing the coverage that suits you best