• if I have a Motor Insurance Policy from Al SHARQ, am I covered outside Iraq?
  • No, your Motor Insurance Coverage is restricted to the Iraqi Territory only.
  • What happens if I sell my car?
  • You can either transfer your Policy to your new Car, or transfer it to the new Car Owner after securing the acceptance of both the new Owner and AL SHARQ.
  • If a relative of mine, or a friend, was driving my Car and had an Accident, will I be covered?
  • Yes, provided the Driver has a Valid Driving License and the Policy Conditions do not state otherwise.
    As the Driver, will I be covered for Bodily Injury in my Motor Insurance Policy? What about relatives of mine?
  • If your Policy is All-Risk, you and your Relatives are covered. If you have a Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, you and your Relatives are not covered. However, you can purchase an Optional Coverage “Driver and Related Passengers” to complement your existing one


  • Can insure my Property (Apartment, Building) without its Content?
  • Yes, you can. However, it is more advisable to do both for an Optimum Property Coverage.
  • If my House caught Fire from a Neighbor’s House, will my Policy cover this Risk?
  • Yes, for sure.


  • If I had a new Baby, can I insure him/her immediately with Al Sharq ?
  • If the Maternity was covered by Al Sharq , your New-born Baby will be covered for Free immediately from Birth and for the remaining period of the Parents Insurance Policy.
  • If I have Social Security, can I still have a 100% Out-Hospital Insurance?
  • You can always choose this Option