Dear sir ,

  • Al-Sharq Insurance aims to provide the highest safety instruments to protect your interests, favors, funds and life.
  • Our presence and availability represent one of the most important means of communication with our clients whether in Iraq or abroad as well as with foreign parties who interest to find out and search the history and services of Al-Sharq company for insurance and our latest business, activities and achievements further to our last news.
  • In spite of the economic difficulties and pressures that our lovely country Iraq had faced in recent years, but Al-Sharq company is still abiding by the step in which we started in 2015, that the company became the most important insurance companies in Iraq.
  • Further to that, Al-Sharq company for insurance aims to represent the Iraqi insurance sector appropriately and provide general, total and overall insurance services to Iraqi people as well as the local and foreign companies that intend to invest in the country.
  • Today, Iraq is considered as one of the most hopeful and favorable states and economics in the region which make it perfect for investment by virtue of availability of human and natural resources further to strategic and geographical site of Iraq.
  • Thus, Al-Sharq company for insurance is interested to maintain and continue the development of its infrastructure wherein the geographical distribution of the branches and representative offices throughout the region and insert the latest insurance techniques and technologies. All of those share positively in economic development for Iraq and help the country to retrieve its place and point over both Arabic and international level.
  • Our promise to you, our clients and partners, is to keep to the further expansion of our services and the goers of the Iraqi digital insurance lines.
  • Finally, and certainly not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude , on behalf of members of directors’ board and me to our colleagues, members of the executive management at all levels, for their continuous efforts and their dedication and hardworking. Company’s mission and vision and the best for our clients . First of all, we would like to appreciate our colleagues’ confidence in us and their partnership which is invaluable.